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Clare Marts Limited, Auctioneers and Livestock Salesmen, is a farmer owned co-operative with branches in Ennis, Scariff, Kilfenora, Kilrush, which holds weekly livestock sales.  Co. Clare is renowned for the production of top quality weanlings, beef and store bullocks & heifers, which are produced from a well-established suckler base within the county.




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Clare Marts

Ennis Every Tuesday: Weanling, Dairy & Suckler Stock, Runners, Calves, Sheep

Bull Weanlings @11 Heifers Weanlings 12:30, Calf Sale @10.30

Ennis Every Thursday: Bullocks, Heifers, Dry Cows & Aged Bulls

Bullocks @11:00am, Cows @10.30

Scanning facilites available Tues & Thurs by appointment - Tel Liam 087-2233674 

Notice to All Customers

Entry System: 

Entries for Tuesday Sales will be taken on Mon, Tues & Wednesday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

Entries for Thursday Sales will be taken on Thurs & Friday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

The Runner Section:

Only Stock 6 months or under will be sold in the Runner Section and they will be sold after the Calf Sale

Draw For First Pen To Be Sold

Pens 1 to 40 will be in the draw to determine 1st pen to be sold. Stock in these pens to be penned by 9.30

Sheep Sellers

Sheep sellers to include full tag numbers and transporter details on all dispatch dockets



Clearance sale of 18 Limousin cross cows incalf to Limousin bull, springing down to calve. Genuine stock owner changing farming system.


CALF COLLECTION POINTS - Every Monday  Kilrush @ 10:00, Ennis at 12:00 and Scarriff at 14:00.  Telephone 065 6824411 to enter and for more information

No collection this coming Monday 19th March due to bank holiday.


Scarriff Mart - Saturday the 24th  March (Fortnightly therafter) Office open Friday 23rd March from 9.30am to 1pm for entries.

Kilfenora Mart -  - Friday 23rd March - General Cattle Sale and Winterage sale


Save Our Suckler Campaign in conjunction with the Farmers Journal at Ennis Mart re- scheduled until Wednesday night the 14th March at 7pm.  Live demo.


***Entries can only be cancelled the days prior to sale (not on day of sale) ***


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  • Please contact the office if you would like your payment paid directly into your bank account.

  • All cattle presented for sale must have two ear tags and be properly dehorned Telephone 065 6824411 Fax 065 6829978 Email info@claremarts.ie licence no. 002335


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Latest Reports from the Diary
Mar. 15, 2018
Ennis Mart, Bullocks, Heifers, Dry Cows and Aged Bulls




Numbers similar in bullock and heifer rings but cull cow increasing a shade, Bullock trade very strong especially forward bullocks of 550kgs upwards.  Heifers slightly improved by €20/head. A good demand for heavier stronger quality heifers. Forward cull cows meet a steady trade but feeders a shade easier.  A number of aged bulls on offer and these made to €1,610 for a Charolais weighing 945kgs.




1 HE 600kgs-€1,390-€2.35/kg               

3 CH 617kgs-€1,505-€2.43/kg

1 CH 705kgs-€1,750-€2.48/kg               

1 LM 575kgs-€1,615-€2.78/kg

1 AA 785kgs-€1,740-€2.21/kg               

3 LM 585kgs-€1,520-€2.60/kg              

9 CH 475kgs-€1,377-€2.90/kg`             

4 CH 486kgs-€1,330-€2.73/kg



2 AA 495kgs-€1,100-€2.22/kg               

4 HEX 467kgs-€1,175-€2.51/kg

1 LM 320kgs-€910-€2.84/kg                  

1 CH 685kgs-€1,750-€2.55/kg

1 CH 685kgs-€1,880-€2.74/kg               

5 CH 500kgs-€1,265-€2.51/kg

1 CH 615kgs-€1,600-€2.60/kg              

1 LM 505kgs-€1,290-€2.55/kg



1 CH 610kgs-€1,330-€2.18/kg               

1 CH 555kgs-€1,290-€2.32/kg

1 CH 495kgs-€1,190-€2.40/kg               

1 CH 605kgs-€1,400-€2.31/kg

1 FR 550kgs-€1,020-€1.85/kg               

1 LM 520kgs-€850-€2.40/kg

1 LM 460kgs-€1,160-€2.52/kg              

1 FR 470kgs-€1,890-€1.80/kg


Mar. 14, 2018
Kilrush Mart General Cattle Sale Including Calves


WEDNESDAY 14th March 2018

Big number of cattle on offer, especially in the calf ring. Again, in the calf ring the difference in light young calves and stronger calves well fed over 3 weeks is huge. Examples of this are where quality Friesian calves made €120 to €220 and real poor calves made €20. Quality whitehead bull calves made to €325. Limousin bull calves made to €350. A fine lively trade in the bulls and bullocks and heifers similar in trade to last week. Very good demand for all cull cows. 


1 LM 280kgs-€860-€3.07/kg                  

 1 LM 310kgs-€890-€2.87/kg

1 CH 270kgs-€760-€2.81/kg                  

1 FR 455kgs-€985-€2.16/kg

1 CH 360kg-€1,055-€2.93/kg                

 1 CH 305kgs-€960-€3.14/kg                            


1 CH 275kgs-€860-€3.12/kg                  

2 HE 505kgs-€995-€1.97/kg  

1 LM 350kgs-€900-€2.57/kg                 

1 CH 315kgs-€880-€2.79/kg

1 LM 325kgs-€850-€2.61/kg                  

2 HE 420kgs-€840-€2.00/kg




1 LM 425kgs-€845-€1.98/kg                  

1 CH 675kgs-€1,300-€1.92/kg

1 FR 550kgs-€975-€1.77/kg                   

1 HE 655kgs-€1,100-€1.67/kg      

1 SH 500kgs-€760-€1.52/kg                   

1 FR 695kgs-€1,020-€1.46/kg



Mar. 13, 2018
Ennis Mart, Weanling Bulls, & Heifers, Dairy & Suckling Stock, Runners, Calves & Sheep.

ENNIS MART TUESDAY 13th March 2018


Numbers much greater than in previous weeks with a doubling in calf numbers again this week.  Friesian bull calves generally made €25 to €60 for younger calves and stronger calves making €80-€160 Continental bull calves made to €590 and Continental heifer calves made from €320 to €520.  Whitehead and Angus bull calves made €170 to €370 and heifer calves in these breeds made €160 to €310.  Again, for weanling bulls and heifers trade was very strong with trade up to €50 per head dearer than previous weeks for the heifers this was reflected in the 97% clearance rate with quality again to the fore.  Some nice quality dairy stock made from €1,025 to €1,610.  In-calf suckler stock made to €1,390 with pairs making to €1,820 for a Blue cow with a heifer calf at foot. Hoggets improved today by €8 per head up to €150 or to €92 over their weight.  Cull ewes made from €70 to €135. Ewes with twin lambs made up to €200 and ewes with single lambs made to €170.


1 BB 290kgs-€985-€3.39/kg

1 CH 295kgs-€905-€3.06/kg

1 CH 330kgs-€1105-€3.34/kg

1 CH 290kgs-€895-€3.08/kg

2 CH 290kgs-€945 -€3.25/kg

1 CH 255kgs-€850-€3.33/kg

1 LIM 290kgs-€920-€3.17/kg

1 CH 400kgs-€1,165-€2.91/kg




3 CH 315kgs-€1,070-€3.39/kg

1 LM 285kgs-€875-€3.07/kg

2 CH 347kgs-€1,065-€3.06/kg

1 CH 280kgs-€870-€3.10/kg

1 CH 175kgs-€640-€3.65/kg

1 LM 280kgs-€860-€3.07/kg

2 LM 282kgs-€920-€3.25/kg

1 CH 275kgs-€850-€3.09/kg

Mar. 12, 2018
Ennis Mart Pure Bred Registered Bull Show & Sale




Today Ennis Mart held its Mixed breed bull sale. With Angus, Charolais, Hereford and Limousin Bulls on offer with some excellent bulls present. Top price bull was €3,750 for a 5-star terminal Limousin bull. The top 4 priced bulls were all 5-star terminal bulls (3 Limousin 1 Charolais). Top price Angus was €2500. Top price Charolais was €3,030. Top price Hereford was €3,000.

Our next bull sale takes place  on Monday 9th April this is a show & sale

Mar. 09, 2018
Kilfenora Mart General Sale

It was the opening sale of Kilfenora. A small sale but some quality lots on offer. Store cows were an excellent trade and lighter weanlings a very good trade. Next sale takes place on Friday the 23rd March.


Bulls & Bullocks

1 LM 275kgs €715 €2.60/kg                              

1 BA 335kg €900 €2.68/kg

1 CH €660kgs €1,700 €2.57/kg                         

1 CH 325kgs €885 €2.72/kg

1 CH 1075kgs €1,720 €1.60/kg                         

2 LM 277kgs €740 €2.66/kg

3 SH 255kgs €720 €3.09/kg                              

  2 BA 245kgs €720 €2.93/kg



3 LM 238kgs €625 €2.62/kg                              

4 CH 221kgs €800 €3.61/kg

2 LM 217kgs €595 €2.73/kg                              

1 CH 300KGS €760 €2.53/kg

2 LM 205kgs €560 €2.73/kg                              

1 HE 485kgs €925 €1.91/kg

1 CH 205kgs €550 €2.68/kg                               

1 HE 470kgs € 920 €1.96/kg



1 CH 470kgs €980 €2.08/kg                               

1 LM 480kgs €950 €1.97/kg

1 CH 755kgs €1,230 €1.62/kg                           

1 CH 505kgs €925 €1.83/kg

1 LM 485kgs €965 €1.98/kg                              

1 CH 610kgs €1,145 €1.84/kg

Telephone:+353 (0) 65 6824411