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ClareMarts Commission Rates Clare Marts Commission Rates

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Clare Marts

Ennis Every Tuesday: Weanling, Dairy & Suckler Stock, Runners, Calves, Sheep

Bull Weanlings @11:00 Heifers Weanlings 12 Noon, Calf Sale @10.30 


Ennis Every Thursday: Bullocks, Heifers, Dry Cows & Aged Bulls

** Thursday - Bullocks @11.00am, Cows @10.30 Heifers @1pm**


Coronavirus COVID-19 Restrictions UPDATE 12th May 2020


Clare Marts are now moving to online auctions during the restrictions under Covid 19 and the following days shall operate at Ennis Mart:

Monday – Sheep Assembly at 8am & online Calf Sale at 2pm

Tuesday – Weanlings at 12 noon

Thursday – Cull Cows, Aged Bulls & Heifers at 12 noon 

Friday – Bullocks as 12 noon


Download 'Livestock Live App' on your smartphone or log onto 'Livestock Live' website in order to be able to view live sales here at Ennis Mart.


****Thursday 14th May at 12 noon - Cull Cows, Heifers & Aged Bulls****


Your co-operation with the restrictions in place would be appreciated, for queries please contact 065 6824411



Entry System: 

Entries for Tuesday Sales will be taken on Mon, Tues & Wednesday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

Entries for Thursday Sales will be taken on Thurs & Friday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

The Runner Section:

Only Stock 6 MONTHS OR UNDER will be sold in the Runner Section and they will be sold after the Calf Sale.

Calves must be at least 10 days of age before they can be sold and UNDER 6 weeks of age.

Draw For First Pen To Be Sold in Wealing Bull and Bullock  Ring

Pens 1 to 50 will be in the draw to determine first pen to be sold. Stock in these pens to be penned by 9.30

Draw for First Pen of Heifers to be Sold

The first 20 pens if pre-entered by 5pm on Wednesday for Tuesday’s sale and 5pm of Friday for Thursday’s sale, will be in the draw.

Sheep Sellers  All sheep including lambs presented for sale must be identified with a full set of EID tags, i.e. one conventional tag in the sheep’s left ear and a corresponding electronic tag placed in the sheep’s right ear. All sheep moved to and from a livestock mart must also be accompanied by a newly issued dispatch document containing a barcoded document serial number.


Ennis Mart ON-LINE SALE - Thursday 14th May at 12 noon - Cull Cows, Heifers & Aged Bulls. Download 'Livestock Live App' or log onto Livestock Live website.


ENTITLEMENTS - For sale or lease - Contact Ennis Office.


In conjunction with Munster AI and Dovea Genetics, this scheme will be continued for 2020.  Please see our homepage for more details on this scheme or click the following link: Clare Marts Bull & AI Breeding Scheme

Click on the link to follow us on Facebook   Clare Co-Operative Marts 

**Please contact the office if you would like your payment paid directly into your bank account** 

All cattle presented for sale must have two ear tags and be properly dehorned Telephone 065 6824411 Fax 065 6829978 Email licence no. 002335












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Latest Reports from the Diary
May. 28, 2020

Ennis Mart. Cull Cows, Heifers, Bullocks, Aged Bulls

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May. 27, 2020

Kilrush General Cattle Sale including calves

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May. 26, 2020

Ennis Weanlings, Calves, Sheep, Runners, Cows & Calves

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May. 22, 2020

Friday Online Bullocks

Ennis Mart Friday May 22nd 2020


An online bullock sale took place today in Ennis mart.  Numbers not over big, especially for the 2 yr old bullocks.  Trade for quality stock was very strong, especially for ’19 born cattle.  Great demand for forward cattle also and a full clearance recorded.







1 LM 450kgs - €1,210 - €2.69kg               

3 SIX 642kgs - €1,400 - €2.18/kg

3 CH 437kgs - €1,160 - €2.66/kg              

1 AAX 565kgs - €1,330 - €2.35kg

2 LM 427kgs - €1,120 - €2.62/kg              

2 HEX 615kgs - €1,280 - €2.08/kg

3 LMX 583kgs - €1,390 - €2.38/kg            

1 LMX 915kgs - €2.020 - €2.21/kg

3 HEX 610kgs - €1,280 - €2.10/kg           

1 AAX 715kgs - €1,240 - €1.73/kg

2 HEX 725kgs - €1,460 - €2.01/kg

2 HEX 685kgs - €1,360 - €1.98/kg

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May. 21, 2020

Ennis Mart. Cull Cows, Heifers, Bullocks, Aged Bulls

Ennis Mart Thursday May 21st 2020


An online auction for cull cows, aged bulls and heifers took place today.  There was a large entry of almost 200 cows on offer.  There was a strong trade again for the cows but some great quality cows on offer.  Likewise the quality heifers were a strong trade.  A good number of the top quality cows passed the €2/kg mark and topped out at €2.28/kg. Heifers reached a high of €2.76/kg but generally €2.10 to €2.35 for continentals was achieved.  A number of stock bulls averaged €1.95/kg.





1 LM 560kgs - €1,220 - €2.18/kg              

1 BBX 740kgs - €1,690 - €2.28/kg    

1 BBX 570kgs - €1,130 - €1.98/kg            

1 LM 810kgs - €1,480 - €1.83/kg

1 CHX 690kgs - €1,430 - €2.07/kg           

1 HEX 760kgs - €1,390 - €1.83/kg

1 BAX 665kgs - €1,390 - €2.09/kg            

1 CHX 715kgs - €1,540 - €2.15/kg

1 AAX 655kgs - €1,200 - €1.83/kg            

1 FR 740kgs - €980 - €1.32/kg



1 LM 380kgs - €940 - €2.47/kg                  

3 CH 468kgs - €1,160 - €2.47/kg

1 CHX 485kgs - €1,250 - €2.58/kg           

1 LM 410kgs - €1,060 - €2.58/kg

1 CHX 445kgs - €1,170 - €2.63/kg           

1 HEX 605kgs - €1,160 - €1.92/kg       

1 BBX 420kgs - €1,160 - €2.76/kg            

1 LM 500kgs - €1,220 - €2.44/kg       

1 CH 440kgs - €1,090 - €2.48/kg              

3 AA 346kgs - €650 - €1.87/kg       

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