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Monday - Sheep Auction @10.30am  **note earlier start time**

Tuesday - Ring 1 @ 11am - Weanling Bulls

Ring 2 @ 12 noon Weanling Heifers, 

Ring 3 @ 11.00 Calves, Runners followed by Suckler Stock

Thursday - 11am -  Ring 1 - Dry Cows & Aged Bulls.  11:30am Ring 2 - Heifers

Friday - Bullocks at 10:30am  ** Note Earlier Start Time*

Clare Marts are now streaming sales online, buyers can also register to buy online, please contact 065 6824411.

Download 'Livestock Live App' on your smartphone or log onto 'Livestock Live' website in order to be able to view live sales here at Ennis Mart.

Your co-operation with the restrictions in place would be appreciated.

Entry System: 

Entries for Tuesday Sales will be taken on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

Entries for Thursday & Friday Sales will be taken on Thursday and Friday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

Entries for Monday Sheep Auction taken on Friday of previous week.

The Runner Section:

Only Stock 6 MONTHS OR UNDER will be sold in the Runner Section and they will be sold after the Calf Sale.

Calves must be at least 10 days of age before they can be sold and UNDER 6 weeks of age.

Draw For First Pen To Be Sold in Weanling Bull and Bullock  Ring

Draw for First Pen of Heifers to be Sold

***Change to draw system for Bullocks, Heifers, Cull Cows, Weanling Bulls & Weanling Heifers From 31st January 2022 – enter your stock as usual – if the number drawn is equal to or below half the number of pens entered, we go down to pen 1 and then up.  If the number drawn is above half the number of pens entered, we go up to the last pen in the draw, then start at pen 1 and up to the number drawn.

Sheep Sellers  All sheep including lambs presented for sale must be identified with a full set of EID tags, i.e. one conventional tag in the sheep’s left ear and a corresponding electronic tag placed in the sheep’s right ear. All sheep moved to and from a livestock mart must also be accompanied by a newly issued dispatch document containing a barcoded document serial number.


You can view and bid online via 'Livestock Live' App                     


Mondays   10.30am - Sheep Auction 

Tuesdays11.00am – Calves & Runner followed by Suckler Stock.  11am – Weanling Bulls  12 Noon Weanling Heifers

Thursdays - Ring 1 - 11.00am - Cull Cows followed by Aged Bulls  

                   Ring 211.30am Heifers

Fridays  Ring 1 Bullocks 10:30 AM

Ennis Fatstock Show & Sales:

Thursday 9th February - Fatstock Show & Sale for Cows & Heifers

Class 1: One heifer born after 1/1/2021

Class 2: One beef heifer any age or breed

Class 3: One beef cow continental breed

Class 4: One beef cow non-continental breed


Friday 10th February - Fatstock Show & Sale for Bullocks

Class 1: One beef bullock any breed born ager 1/1/2021

Class 2: One beef bullocks any age or breed

Class 3: Group of two or more beef bullocks any breed born after 1/1/2021

Class 4: Group of two or more store bullocks any breed born after 1/1/2021

Class 5: Best non-continental beef bullock any age


KILRUSH MART - Weekly every Wednesday - General Sale

Wednesday 15th February - Fatstock Show & Sale

Fatstock Show & Sale Classes

Class 1: One beef cow continental breed                                   

Class 2: One beef cow non continental breed                           

Class 3: One beef bullock any age continental breed               

Class 4: Group of two or more beef bullocks any breed     

Class 5: One beef bullock any age non continental breed     

Class 6: One beef heifer any age any breed

Class 7: One or more heifers any breed born after 1/1/2021

KILFENORA MART - Monday 6th March - General Cattle Sale including calves                                                                                         

SCARIFF MART - Saturday 11th March - General Cattle Sale including calves 




    Sellers are reminded to ring to confirm subject sales.a

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**Please contact the office if you would like your payment paid directly into your bank account**             

All cattle presented for sale must have two ear tags and be properly dehorned Telephone 065 6824411 Fax 065 6829978 Email licence no. 002335


December 11th, 2020

Dec. 11, 2020

Ennis Mart Bullock sale

All Day

Ennis Mart - Bullocks

Friday 11th December 2020

A good entry of bullocks again with 385 on offer.  Again a share of heavy cattle about and these meet a very solid trade.  A share of stock out of sheds today.  Stores a shade easier but quality getting more variable too.  Fancy lots still attracted very strong demand.   


1 CH 825kgs - €1,830 - €2.22/kg

1 LMX 575kgs - €1,400 - €2.43/kg

6 CHX 748kgs - €1,660 - €2.22/kg

1 CH 490kgs - €1,230 – €2.51/kg

1 CH 785kgs - €1,770 - €2.25/kg

2 CH 465kgs - €1,220 - €2.62/kg

1 HEX 675kgs - €1,300 - €1.93/kg

5 HEX 488kgs - €990 - €2.03/kg

3 LMX 600kgs - €1,360 - €2.27/kg

5 AA 528kgs - €1,110 - €2.10/kg

1 CH 580kgs - €1,450 - €2.50/kg

1 FRX 480kgs - €880 - €1.83/kg

1 LMX 515kgs - €1,270 - €2.47/kg

1 AAX 545kgs - €1,160 - €2.13/kg

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