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Ennis Every Tuesday: Weanling, Dairy & Suckler Stock, Runners, Calves, Sheep

Bull Weanlings @11:00 Heifers Weanlings 12:30, Calf Sale @10.30 

Ennis Every Thursday: Bullocks, Heifers, Dry Cows & Aged Bulls

** Thursday - Bullocks @10:30am, Cows @11.00 Heifers @1pm**

Notice to All Customers

Entry System: 

Entries for Tuesday Sales will be taken on Mon, Tues & Wednesday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

Entries for Thursday Sales will be taken on Thurs & Friday (5pm) of the previous week for inclusion in the draw.

The Runner Section:

Only Stock 6 months or under will be sold in the Runner Section and they will be sold after the Calf Sale.

Calves must be at least 10 days of age before they can be sold.

Draw For First Pen To Be Sold in Wealing Bull and Bullock  Ring

Pens 1 to 40 will be in the draw to determine first pen to be sold. Stock in these pens to be penned by 9.30

Draw for First Pen of Heifers to be Sold

The first 20 pens if pre-entered by 5pm on Wednesday for Tuesday’s sale and 5pm of Friday for Thursday’s sale, will be in the draw.

Sheep Sellers Sheep sellers to include full tag numbers and transporter details on all dispatch dockets



Next Sale - Wednesday the 30th January.


Ennis Tuesday 29th January – REDUCTION SALE of 20 in-calf Limousin Cross Simmental heifers, all 3 year olds, in-calf to top quality Limousin bulls, due to calve February and early March.  All out Wintered and 50% of these heifers are 4 Stars and 50% are 5 Stars for replacement index.        Super quality stock off the Burren on behalf of Pattie Burke, Belharbour.


Cattle Shows & Sales

Ennis - Thursday the 14th of February

Kilrush - Wednesday the 20th of February


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**Please contact the office if you would like your payment paid directly into your bank account** 

All cattle presented for sale must have two ear tags and be properly dehorned Telephone 065 6824411 Fax 065 6829978 Email licence no. 002335

February 21st, 2018

Feb. 21, 2018

Kilrush Cattle Show & Sale Including Calves

All Day

Today Kilrush held its cattle show and sale with prizes for cows, heifers, and bullocks. This attracted good numbers with some top quality lots on offer. Dry cows fetched a lively trade with a mix of both Friesian and Continental cows. Top price for a Friesian cow was €1030. On average Frisian cows made from €1.50-€1.90 per kg. Cows in good order were particularly sought after. Top price Continental cow was €1720 for a Charolais cow weighing 910kg and they made up to €2.25/kg

Heifers were a lively trade especially with heavier lots with good farmer demand. The quality of heifers was clear with a Limousin heifer going under the hammer for €1710 she weighed 725kg. Heifers in general were a good trade with lighter heifers making up to 970 for a 360kg Charolais heifer. Bullocks again were of a very high standard with some excellent Hereford and Angus lots on offer. First prize winner Hereford bullock made €1360 weighing 630kg. Top price bullock of the day was €2580 for a super Blue cross Limousin weighing 1145kg. Calf numbers increased with twice as many as the week before. Light Friesian calves made from €70-€105 with older calves making up to €170 Farmers would be advised to keep calves at least 3 weeks before selling to achieve top prices. Hereford calves made up to €330 while Angus calves made from €190-€240 Calves attracted a good local farmer demand.


1 LM 910kgs - €1720   €1.89kg                        

1 AA 860kgs - €1330   €1.54kg

1 FR 555kgs - €925      €1.67kg                        

1 LM 740kgs - €1670   €2.25kg

1 LM 820kgs - €1520   €1.85kg                        

1 FR 570kgs - €835      €1.46kg

1 FR 505kgs - €850      €1.68kg    


1 LM 725kgs - €1710   €2.36kg                       

1 LIM 606kgs - €1,375  €2.27kg

2 SIX 382kgs - €945     €2.47kg                         

1 CH 700kgs - €1640  €2.34kg

1 SH 285kgs - €770      €2.33kg                        

4 HEX 300kgs - €660   €2.20kg


1 LIM 1145kgs €2580 €2.25kg                        

5 AAX 290kgs - €645   €2.21kg

1 CH 865kgs €1850     €2.14kg                        

5 HEX 320kgs €750      €2.33kg

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